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Got Mites???

In case of mites.. I use Revolution for puppies and kittens.

The first hedgehog I got had them and they can be a "you know what" to get rid of.! Revolution works wonders and it is safe for hedgehogs of all ages, babies, pregnant and even nursing! hogs. Just ask your vet for it. They should give it to you over the counter without paying to bring in your pet. I have heard of vets giving people a hard time about buying it for a hedgehog so in some cases your better off letting them assume its for a cat or dog to avoid waisting money on

a unnecessary vet visit..

The little white guys are the most common mite that hedgehogs can get. This kind of mite is also believed to be species specific so don't worry about getting them yourself or giving them to other pets. These guys are very hard to see so you may only see the signs of them. The signs can be scratching, dry red skin w/flaking, loss of quills in patches and scabbing. Now let's not confuse things.. All animals need to scratch, baby hedgehogs will lose their baby quills, and some dry skin is bound to happen. Even an adult hedgehog may lose a quill from time to time but when you have a case of mites these things become a LOT worse. When quills fall out they will leave bold patches, dry skin will be excessive, scratching will seem endless, and your hedgehog should never otherwise have scabs of any kind...

Litter Box Training:

If you decide to litter box train.... All my hedgehogs are litter box trained and it does not have to be hard!. They will follow their mother and be off to a good start if you got your hedgehog from someone who has litter box trained their own herd. If not, just start by placing the corner litter pan in one of the back corners of the cage, then place the litter in the litter pan. I like Arm and Hammer Essentials all natural clumping litter best but you can also use corncob or walnut both are used for birds and may be found in the bird supplies.

Arm and Hammer cat litter looks the same as Walnut litter but works WAY better, it's all natural and smells good too:)

I would stay away from other kinds of cat litter though. This is not dusty like cat litter, does not smell like cat litter and is not harmful like cat litter can be..

UPDATE: I started using wood pellets for litter and it has been working great, better then any litter I have ever used. I am very happy with it and wont be going back to litter ever again:)

If they don't just choose to use the litter box because of its placement and the different texture inside it, you may have to pick up a few "messes" in the cage and place them in the pan for a while. You can also move the litter pan to where your hedgehog likes to go the most til it gets the hang of things.! A baby is easier to start training with and should be trained by the time it is adult size. Adult hedgehogs can be trained as well but can a lot of times be "set in their ways" :)

A hedgehog in a multi level cage, in a cage with a permanent wheel or to many other permanent distractions may tend to use the litter pan less. Wheels, I find work best when not left in the cage at all times. It can be quit the mess! (Not to say you should not have a wheel in the cage sometimes). I choose to take mine out to exercise instead of having a wheel and mine use their litter pans a lot better this way.! If you do not have a wheel, your hedgehog will need to be taken out everyday for play time & exercise, maybe in a ball? (Keep in mind... Hedgehogs can end up under hard to move furniture so be careful..) If you choose to have a wheel... I like the Silent Spinners best. Hedgehogs do not do well on the wheels made of wire with metal bars to run on so when choosing, please pick a solid plastic wheel instead.. Flying saucer wheels are also great. Please hold off on wheels til hedgies are adult size. Some will over use the wheel and burn more calories than they are taking in. Once they are done growing is the best time to introduce wheels. If you feel they need a wheel before then PLEASE do not leave it in the cage at all times. Thank you:)

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